Hamood Sultan Mohammed Al Toqi

“Our team’s hard work and dedication this season paid dividends as the show jumping championships drew to a close, we remained victorious. Our horses persevered throughout the championship and dominated their respected classes.  As with any major competition, we faced some injuries – a few tendon issues weakness and overall strain from competing. STALLGATE Cooling Relief Massage Gel helped carry all of our international competition level horses through. Massaging into the horse’s legs daily, the cooling effect worked like magic. We managed to dominate the competition and I’m sure that without the cooling relief treatments, our horses wouldn’t have recovered as well as they did.

I must mention once more how thankful we are. The product is absolutely made of magic. General stress and pain on the joints that’s caused while competing was treated promptly and effectively using this product and as a result our horses were able to persevere and steal the win. Thank you once more.” Hamood Sultan Mohammed Al Toqi, Chairman of The Olympic Equestrian Training Centre, Oman




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Hamood Sultan Mohammed Al Toqi is a world renowed Omani show jumping rider who has won numerous prestigious titles and medals at national and international events, putting up incredible performances. He holds a high-level teaching diploma, the B.E.E.S. (Brevet d’État d’Éducateur Sportif) from the famous French National Riding School in Saumur “Cadre Noir”. He also graduated from the Irish Kellet Riding School acquiring the title of Monitor Instructor.  Hamood is the only Arab athlete in GCC who was honoured with the ‘Chevalier de L’Ordre National Du Merite’ by the former French President Jacque Chirac. He is the chairman of Olympic Equestrian Training Centre in Oman, http://www.oetc-oman.com/index.php  which hosts high magnitude events every year transmitting the long-treasured Omani passion for the equestrian life. A real gem both as a professional and as a person, Hamood Sultan Mohammed Al Toqi continues to build the future equestrian championships’ generation and inspire young athletes to reach their fullest potential. His focus is now Paris Olympic Games 2024 and victorious times ahead.

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